Negligence is when another person or business fails to use reasonable care when doing something which results in a personal injury. This can be almost anything from a misplaced wet floor sign to being struck by flying debris. If you were injured because someone else was being negligent or reckless, you have a right for compensation of your medical and in some cases psychological damages.

How do I know there was negligence?

There are two main types of negligence, Criminal Negligence and Civil Negligence. Criminal negligence is when someone breaches a legal obligation. Examples include:

  • Another vehicle causing a crash you were injured in.
  • A medical provider gives the wrong medication or overdose.
  • A child becomes injured while left unattended for a period of time

Civil Negligence is a little less defined as it’s primarily carelessness. Examples include:

  • A business mopping up the floor and not placing a “wet floor” sign in plain view
  • A doctor who accidentally operated on the wrong patient or the wrong medical procedure
  • Driving well over the speed limit

Negligence can be a tricky situation which requires the direct attention of a trained legal professional to learn all the intimate details of a case in order to pinpoint all the events that lead up to the injury.

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