Stay Safe and Happy Halloween

Halloween is an exciting day for many. The kids get to dress up and ask for candy. The adults get to dress up and scare the kids and neighbors. We at Randall | Page P.C. want you to play safe!


Halloween is one of the deadliest days of the year for child pedestrian accidents and fatalities. 0c52ef8ba85f9d0a7647bda5d94fd68d

We know accidents happen. Many people will be drinking this Halloween. More children will be on the streets. Our attorneys are here in the event you or your loved one falls victim this magical spooky night. Motor vehicle accidents happen, people get hurt! Insurance companies are not here for you, and will often try and settle before you realize the extend of your injuries and impact on your future. We won’t let that happen. Always contact an attorney to get their take on the situation, if only for a second opinion.

Randall | Page P.C. wants you to have a fun and safe Halloween.